25 TV Shows That Will Make You Silly Laugh Out Loud


At the end of a long day, sometimes all you need to cheer up is to pop on a hilarious TV series to chuckle at as you relax on the couch. Luckily, there are tons of hysterical sitcoms, dramas, and other comedy series to binge. From Bob’s Burgers (2011-) to Mr. Bean (1990-1995), these series will make you silly laugh out loud. 

1 – Psych (2006-2014)

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This comedic mystery series follows a fraud psychic who uses a keen investigative sense to convince the police of his accurate psychic powers. After proving his “psychic” powers to the cops, he begins a strange relationship with his local police force as he uses his fake powers to help solve crimes.

2 – Community (2009-2015)

Abed Nadir
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After being disbarred for lying about earning his bachelor’s degree from an elite university, an ex-lawyer enrolls in a local community college to gain back prestige. He meets a beautiful woman and attempts to connect with her by promising her Spanish tutoring. But when he arrives at the meeting location, he finds not just the woman but a whole group of students eager to improve their grades in the class. 

3 – Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)

Parks and Recreation Nick Offerman, Amy Poehler
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Parks and Recreation follows an overly enthusiastic midlevel bureaucrat who works in the underfunded Parks Department in her small, Midwestern town. As she attempts to pursue big projects, her bored coworkers and financially conservative supervisor make achieving her big dreams for the town a challenge. But she refuses to back down. 

4 – Scrubs (2001-2010)

Scrubs My Screw Up
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This hilarious medical drama centers on the work life of a medical intern at the Sacred Heart Hospital. As he navigates various cases in the hospital, he also interacts with various coworkers, supervisors, and a janitor who seems to be out to get him. 

5 – Bob’s Burgers (2011-)

Bob's Burgers
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Bob’s Burgers is a family-friendly animated series about the family who runs a struggling burger restaurant in a seaside town. Each episode contains wacky antics from the zany cast of characters as the parents attempt to keep the restaurant afloat and the kids avoid their chores and schoolwork to pursue fun adventures. 

6 – 30 Rock (2006-2013)

30 Rock Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey
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This satire of the entertainment industry follows the showrunner of a sketch comedy series who struggles to balance her cast and boss’ lengthy demands. After her boss forces her to hire a new co-star for the series, the original star, the showrunner’s fame-obsessed best friend, throws a fit.

7 – Only Murders in the Building (2021-)

Only Murders in the Building
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When three unlikely friends begin investigating a mysterious death in their high-end New York City apartment building, they decide to create a true crime podcast to chronicle the investigation. As they interview their neighbors and sneak into the crime scene, they uncover clues that lead them toward the truth behind the man’s death. 

8 – Modern Family (2009-2020)

Modern Family Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.


Modern Family is a comical family drama series that centers on three separate families that make up one larger family. Each family has different beliefs and lifestyles, but they all make time to spend with one another. The show chronicles their lives in an upbeat, mockumentary-style format. 

9 – Fleabag (2016-2019)

Fleabag Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Image Credit: BBC Three.


While darker than some of the other series on this list, Fleabag‘s sharp, black humor will make almost anyone burst out with belly laughs in every episode. The show follows a young woman who, to cope with losing her best friend and business partner, relies on her dark humor and emotionless relations with men to get her through the day.

10 – The Afterparty (2022-)

The Afterparty Tiya Sircar, Ben Schwartz, Ayden Mayeri
Image Credit: Sony Pictures Television Studios.


This unique comedy mystery series tells the story of the same night in each episode, but each story differs because each episode is told from a different person’s perspective. It takes place the night of a high school reunion when one of the attendees is murdered. Can everyone’s varying stories link up to reveal the killer? 

11 – Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

Schitt's Creek Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy
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When a wealthy businessman’s business advisor steals his savings in a massive scam, he and his family are left with nothing but the rights to a small, rural town called Schitt’s Creek. The entitled family moves into a run-down motel in the isolated town where they must learn to live with the small-town characters who refuse to leave them alone. 

12 – Superstore (2015-2021)

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This sitcom follows the employees at a massive supermarket chain as they go through the motions of life at work. With tons of light-hearted humor, the series satirizes the endless staff training sessions and the trials of dealing with angry customers that come with working at a grocery store. 

13 – Arrested Development (2003-2019)

Arrested Development
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After the family patriarch is imprisoned for embezzlement, his one responsible son must take the reigns of the family’s multi-million dollar real estate firm. As he attempts to keep the family afloat, he struggles to get his drama queen sister and childish brothers to help out. 

14 – Mr. Bean (1990-1995)

Mr Bean
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Mr. Bean is a ridiculously goofy British TV show about a childlike man who manages to embarrass himself no matter what task he attempts to complete. From braving the high dive at the pool to avoiding parking fees, Mr. Bean always has a wacky solution to everyday problems that leave fans of the show bent over with laughter. 

15 – The Inbetweeners (2008-2010)

The Inbetweeners
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In this witty British sitcom, four nondistinct teenagers attempt to rise the social ladder at their suburban secondary school. The friends band together as they grapple with typical high school drama, like getting a girlfriend and avoiding bullying. They often find themselves stuck in nerd-dom rather than reaching the popularity they’ve always dreamed of. 

16 – Better Off Ted (2009-2010)

Better Off Ted Andrea Anders
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.


In this satire of bleak corporate workplaces, all employees at an evil megacorporation attempt to work the system to avoid punishment from the unrelenting system. Only one employee seems to have any semblance of a moral code and struggles with the questionable ethics of the tasks his bosses give him. 

17 – What We Do in the Shadows (2019-)

What We Do in the Shadows
Image Credit: Madman Entertainment.


What We Do in the Shadows is an amusing mockumentary-style series about a group of immortal vampires who live together in New York. The show chronicles their daily antics as they drink blood and attempt to fit in with modern humans in the 21st century. 

18 – Sirens (2014-2015)

Sirens Michael Mosley, Jessica McNamee
Image Credit: Fox 21 Television Studios.


This sitcom follows a group of EMTs and other emergency professionals who save people in need and simultaneously attempt to keep up with their personal lives. This show will make you feel at home if you’ve ever worked as an EMT or emergency responder. If not, you will learn to appreciate EMT’s efforts even more and experience tons of full-belly laughs when you watch it. 

19 – New Girl (2011-2018)

New Girl Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.


After a young woman goes through a challenging breakup, she must find a new place to live. She finds a room in an apartment shared by three single guys who have no clue what to do when a lady is around. But soon enough, the ragtag group of roommates becomes a strange little family. 

20 – Hacks (2021-)

Hacks Jean Smart
Image Credit: Universal Television.


In an attempt to keep her long-time spot at a comedy residency in Los Angeles, a comedy star joins forces with a disgraced comedy writer who lost support after writing an offensive Tweet. The two quickly become friends, and one learns to take more risks while the other figures out how to stop being so self-absorbed. 

21 – Veep (2012-2019)

Veep Anna Chlumsky
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.


After a presidential candidate loses the primaries, she begrudgingly steps on board as the party nomination’s vice president. Her new role in office makes her realize she doesn’t understand the needs or wants of her constituents as well as she initially thought. 

22 – Derry Girls (2018-2022)

Derry Girls
Image Credit: Hat Trick Productions.


Set in Northern Ireland during the 1990s, Derry Girls is a hilarious teen comedy about friends attending an all-girls Catholic school. This hilarious series does a fantastic job exploring the highs and embarrassingly low lows of teendom as the friends attempt to stay out of trouble while breaking the rules and falling for boys out of their reach. 

23 – Jury Duty (2023-)

Jury Duty
Image Credit: Amazon Studios.


This hilarious hoax reality TV series takes one man who thinks he’s on jury duty and puts him in a room filled with actors pretending to be the jury on the case with him. As the wacky actors engage in wild antics, the one regular man is baffled by their behavior. All the while, they must work together to get to the bottom of a crime.

24 – Casual (2015-2018)

Casual Tommy Dewey
Image Credit: Lionsgate Television.


After a woman’s rocky divorce, her chronically-a-bachelor brother moves in with her and her teenage daughter. Each family member seeks out many casual relationships because they all have different reasons to avoid commitment. 

25 – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015-2020)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Image Credit: Universal Television.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a sitcom about an optimistic and naive woman who spent the past fifteen years in an underground bunker. After she and the other women held captive are rescued, the woman moves to New York City to restart her life, where she finds a job as a nanny and builds a friendship with her new roommate. 


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