Insurers Beware, Biden To Impose Regulations for Coverage of Mental Health Costs.


This week President Biden hopes to roll out a new set of regulations for healthcare insurers who are ‘dodging mental health bills,’ according to the White House. 

Failure To Pay

A 2008 law required health insurance companies to put mental health on the same level as physical care. Still, the Biden Administration accuses insurers of failing to comply with that law. 

Now President Biden is looking to tighten any loopholes that have allowed healthcare insurance companies to skip out on paying for psychological care. 

White House domestic policy adviser Neera Tanden said about Presiden Biden’s new law, “This rule will stop the industry evasion that has led millions of people to pay for care even when they have insurance. It will help ensure we finally fulfill the promise of mental health parity required under the law.”

Mental Health Crisis

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) reports that more than 20 percent of adults in the United States have suffered from a mental health issue in their lifetime and that 20 percent of children between the ages of 13 and 18 have endured a debilitating mental illness. 

Biden tweeted about the mental health crisis America’s youth are tolerating.

The Rule of Law

Under the new regulations, HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and the Department of Treasury and Labor would be responsible for mandating insurers give equal access to mental health care based on outcomes. 

Insurance companies would have to overhaul how they respond to physician requests for mental health treatments and consider revisions to their provider networks. They would also have to change the rates for coverage payouts under the new ruling. 

Established healthcare plans could also face fines for failing to offer comparable mental health coverage. They would be required to lay out their requirements for prior authorization for treatment and prescription medication or procedural roadblocks. Under the new law, substance abuse would also fall under this coverage contingent. 

Arguments and Backlash

Those in Congress who oppose the bill argue that the new rule would only mask a broader issue, the spike in mental illness and the severe lack of providers to offer pertinent care. 

While there has been some support in the populous for the new ruling and increased oversight, the backlash has come quickly and hard, with plenty of people calling the President out for failed policies and ‘pushing the agendas’ of groups he supports.

One user thanks the President for this initiative. 

Another user thinks this is a great first step.

Despite support for the billion-dollar initiative, plenty of people voiced their disdain for a ‘too little too late’ option.

One user thinks that even with the influx of funds, little will change.

Another user wanted a more detailed plan on how the money was supposed to help the crisis.

While insurance companies argue the lack of clinicians to take on the vast increase in mental health cases, the Biden Administration is sitting on the framework of this new law. However, a 60-day counter will start for incoming public comment once they release it to the public. After those two months, Biden could finalize the rule into law. 

Effective Change

Many people have spoken out about wanting to see effective change. Throwing money as a problem doesn’t do anything to change the dilemma without actual, actionable steps to create solutions for those who are suffering. 

If Biden’s rule doesn’t include a working answer to the lack of mental health providers and therapists, some worry that a billion dollars will go straight out the window. However, on the flip side, many feel it provides a ray of hope that children suffering in silence can get access to the care they need now more than ever.

Source: Twitter, Politico

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